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Farhad Babu
Jul 17, 2022
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Home, various protection elements can be used. These elements can be eaves, slat systems, pergolas, awnings or vegetation in the immediate vicinity of the house. The materials and their color can help by reflecting radiation, an example of this is the white color that has been used traditionally in different areas such as the mediterranean and that can lead to savings of approximately 20% in cooling systems. Shadow elements indirect earnings. Indirect gains are an important factor in passive solar architecture. These systems will convert solar radiation into heat by absorbing it from external surfaces and transmitting it to living spaces by conduction. The most common way to obtain these gains is with walls between 15 and 40 cm thick. These must be made of a material with high thermal inertia (brick, concrete, earth, etc.). The exterior face of the enclosure must be a glazed surface that allows the creation of a closed e commerce photo editing air chamber. The outer surface can also be made of materials with high absorptivity and low emissivity. The most used system is the trombe wall. Indirect earnings. Barrage wall the trombe wall is also usually used with the ventilated chamber with openings to the interior space. Sometimes these even have the possibility of control as required. This variation allows convective exchanges with the air in the chamber and the interior space. Thanks to the exchange, the temperature of the interior space increases more quickly. Indirect capture. Trombe wall ventilated chamber isolated earnings. These gains are normally achieved in passive solar architecture with the implementation of terraced greenhouses. It can also be implemented on the deck. The system combines direct collection and the accumulator wall. Greenhouses are usually placed on the south façade (north for the southern hemisphere). The space of the greenhouse allows a high capture of heat that
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